What You Need to Know About The New Zippy App

Find out what's changed in our latest update


When you first open the app you will see a QR code.

You’ll need to tap the green button on the tablet in-store, which opens a camera, showing your QR code to the tablet camera.

The tablet will scan the code and identify you, showing how many points you have earned and rewards.

NOTE: The old process was the reverse of the above with the camera opening on the phone, which would then scan a QR code in the business and will no longer be supported from the 30th September 2015

New Check-in Process


1/ ANDROID - Tap on the menu icon [three small horizontal lines], tap settings

2/ iOS - Tap on the cog icon

3/ Tap Zippy Cards

4/ Tap the + icon on the top right hand side

This opens a camera and now you can scan your Zippy QR card

You should see a message that says ‘Registering card to your account’

If successful then the card number should show in the list shown on image 4

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Add Zippy Card Process


Tap on the cards tab

1/ Tap the add loyalty card button or the + icon

2/ Choose the brand of card you want to add by tapping on that logo [If you can’t find the brand tap the other card option at the top]

This opens the camera, which can scan the barcode of your card and store it. [If it doesn’t scan you can manually enter the number]

3/ If successful then the card brand should show in the list shown on image 3

Add Your Loyalty Cards


Tap on the points icon

A list of businesses that you have checked-in at will show

1/ Tap on the business

2/ The business details will load, show you your points balance and a list of rewards that the business offers. Tap down arrow.

3/ You can call the business, get directions and view the website

Note: If you have a green unlocked icon that means next time you're in store you’ll be able to claim that reward if you wish. A grey lock icon means you don’t currently have enough points to claim that reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I upgrade the app will I lose my points?

Your points are stored against your email address, so as long as you sign in with the same email address you'll not lose any of your points. If you forget your password you can always reset your password.

How do I choose a reward?

Next time you're in-store, and you've checked in, the tablet will show which rewards are 'unlocked' for you to choose from. You need to earn enough points before you can claim any rewards. Simply tap the reward you want and show/tell the staff member. Your points balance will be debited accordingly. You can save your points to split on smaller rewards or blow the lot on one mega reward! The choice is yours!

Do points expire?

Individual stores set the shelf life of rewards, but you will be able to redeem your points at any point that the business is still using the Zippy platform. Points can be used as soon as you have enough points to 'unlock' your first reward.

What is a check-in?

Your phone displays a QR code on the opening screen. Tap the tablet in-store, which will open a camera. Show the QR code to the camera and the system will scan your code. This process is called a check-in. You'll receive points from the business, which you can earn every time you visit.

Why can't I check-in multiple times?

Each business has their own set of rules for user check-ins. Some businesses only allow you to check-in once a day, other choose to allow you to check in every 30 minutes.

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