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Zippy is THE smart way to connect with your customers

Repeat customers

We help you drive customers back in-store again and again

Who is your 80%?

Learn who loves your business and what they buy. Offer them rewards you know they'll love

A helping hand

Be part of a growing network, we handle marketing and promotion so you can get back to the job in hand

How Does Zippy Work?

It all starts with a carrot..Yup that's right!

We help you create a custom rewards program

Stamp cards are so 90's. Zippy’s digital rewards program makes it easy to turn buyers into regular customers. Every time they visit your business, they’ll rack up points which can be used for rewards they’ll love.

An upsize from small to large, free side of chips with their burger, something to make them smile and remember you.

Check-in with a card or an app

Customers pick up a card in-store or download our Zippy app and can check-in instantly via the tablet we provide to start earning points.

Get your customers hooked into checking in and the more you sign up, the more we can market your promos to drive customers back in-store.

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A helping hand to get you started

Our Zippy staff will get you setup in person, from the tablet in-store to deciding on which rewards to offer and promos you want to push.

If you have questions or problems, a quick call and a real person will help get you back on track fast.

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